Beginner Courses

A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Italian for beginners: learn how to use every day expressions in order to satisfy your needs, learn to communicate successfully in routine tasks requiring information exchanges.

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Introduction to Italian - A1.1

Introductory course for absolute beginners
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

ABCs, Greetings, Introduce Yourself

Introduce Someone Else, Professions Vocabulary, Ask Questions

Order, Purchase, Italian Meals

Ask for and Give Information, In the City, What Time Is It?

Basic Italian - A1.2

Beginner course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

Your Spare Time, Daily Activities

Work and Play, Making an Invitation, Making an Appointment

My Daily Routine, Your Daily Routine

Talk about your past experiences

Elementary Italian - A2.1

Elementary course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

House Hunting, House and Rooms Vocabulary

Buy, Sell, Sales, Clothes Vocabulary

Window Shopping, Compare Items, How to Make Choices

My City: Now and Then

Pre-Intermediate Italian - A2.2

Pre-intermediate course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

My Childhood, Look and Personality Vocabulary

Talking About the Past (Passato Prossimo or Imperfetto?)

Planning a Trip, Travelling Vocabulary

At the Office, Public Places, Rules and Bans