Intermediate Courses

B1 and B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Italian intermediate courses: learn to communicate easily in common situations  whilst travelling in Italy and express yourself on a wide range of topics.

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Intermediate Italian - B1.1

Independent user course
½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

The Pleasure of Learning, The Past Perfect, the Combined Pronouns

How to Complain about Disservice, Get a Refund

Giving Advice: Present Conditional Tense

How to Make Comparison: Holidays and Traditions

Upper-intermediate Italian - B1.2

Upper-intermediate independent user course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks.

Job and Society, Italy’s Changes: All the Tenses of Indicative, Relative Pronouns

The Future: Talk about your Projects

The Imperative: Live Healthy!

I wish I Had Done This! Unreal Past, Past Conditional

Advanced Italian - B2.1

Advanced user course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

Italy and Italians: Stereotypes and Truths, Indicativo’s Agreement

What I Think About, What You Think About: The Present and Past Subjunctive

Italy to Discover: Tourism’s Vocabulary, Imperfetto Subjunctive

Eco Fashion, Economic Sustainability: If Clause

Advanced Plus Italian - B2.2

Vantage user course
1½hr classes twice a week, for 8 weeks

Planet Earth, Indefinite Pronouns, Trapassato Subjunctive

Italian Cultural Heritage: Subjunctive Agreement

Italian Cinema: Understanding and Writing Reviews, Plots
Types of Movies, Linkers and Connectors

Italians Througout History: The Passato Remoto Tense